Make a change from the delay, clutter and inconvenience of paper statements with e-Statements, the revolutionary paperless statement from the Bank of Hindman. With this service, you can receive your statement via e-mail. It's secure, fast and FREE!

  • View statements within Online Banking
  • Receive your statement 3-4 days sooner
  • Print-out and/or save your statements on your computer
  • Retrieve your statements anywhere you have access to your e-mail account.
  • Includes all your check images
  • Retain e-Statements online for the past 18 months
  • Password protected and encrypted
  • Viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader

e-Statements with Online Banking

If you are an Online Banking customer you will have the ability to view your e-Statements within Online Banking. Once you login just click on the "Statements" tab for the account you would like to have access to e-Statements.

The first time you access the "Statements" tab you will be asked to accept our e-Statements disclosure. Upon acceptance of this disclosure you will be enrolled for e-Statements. You will not see your first statement until the next statement cycle following your enrollment.

You will have access to e-Statements for your account for the past 18 months. We recommend that you save or print your e-Statements for your records before they expire.